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Kris has been a valuable member of my team. She is very skillful in setting up websites and social media sites. I was very please with the website she set up for my coaching practice. I highly recommend her if you need assistance with setting your website!

Cheryl Polsky
Clinical Psychologist, Certified Parenting Coach

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Cheryl Polsky Coaching

I am a parent just like you and I know that raising children is challenging, especially with the changes that we are experiencing today’s world. I raised my older daughter in a joint custody/co-parenting situation and adopted my younger daughter as a single parent. I had plenty of adversities as I dealt with each child’s unique needs.  I understand the strength it takes to deal with school issues, acting out behavior and co-parenting, all while maintaining full time employment.  My resilience and willingness to adapt got me through the difficult times and as a result, my children thrived.  I asked for help, learned a new way to parent, and my children thrived. Even if you feel overwhelmed I can teach you the skills you need make positive changes and your children can thrive too.


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