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“Kris was absolutely amazing to work with! She had great ideas and her suggestions were so helpful. We worked together over google drive because of the time difference. I thought that would be difficult but it proved to be easy and graceful. Not only did she make my website look beautiful, and behave well on a desktop or a phone, but she also used my pictures and even added one of her own that was perfect! She knew so much about website building and even how to protect it from hackers. My last site got spammed all the time! I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough. Check out my site. “

Paula Pearl Dsilva

Judy Waters


Judy Waters

My overarching goal is to create more compassion on the planet. I do this by helping people release the trauma and pain from the past, heal their body, mind and spirit of animosity, connect with people from a place of strength and wholeness and turn a hardened heart into one of loving, trusting and being willing to risk again. Ultimately I help people dive deeply into life from a place of confidence and hope rather than frustration and fear.

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As You Unfold Home

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