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Your Success Your Life

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Michael Pomije, MCC

Coach Michael has been training, coaching, ​mentoring, ​and facilitating programs ​at MMS Worldwide Institute ​for over 25 years. He ​co-trains the MMS Transformational Executive Coach Certification program accredited through ​the International Coaching Federation, deliver​ing ​the ACTP and ​the ​ACSTH programs.

Michael is the Global Director for business negotiations for MMS Worldwide Institute, LLC as well as the Managing Director for Motivation Coaching Service, Ltd in Thailand since 2013. Through his efforts, he continues to grow ​partners and ​licensees​ throughout the world, in ​T​he Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, ​China ​and the US.

He brings a wealth of experience into his coaching practice supporting executives in their director and management roles​. His favorite topics are:​ managing work-life balance, performance coaching, and discover​ing​ their passion.

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