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My name is Dr. Chérie, The Mother of Coaching since 1974. I cannot say enough positive things about Kris Tormes. Kris is our web designer and webmaster and I am thrilled with the work she has done for us. She is top notch in every way. Kris is knowledgeable, collaborative, a great listener, a highly technical wizard, a fair business woman, with a big kind heart. She is responsive, timely, helpful, communicative, incredibly capable, and no question is too difficult or too challenging. I am so grateful that we found Kris and I hope we can work with her forever. She is an extraordinary talent who is devoted to her clients. I am proud to be one of her clients!

Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., MCC
Mother of Coaching

Website redesign

MMS Worldwide Institute is the Original Coach Training.

With a 47+ year track record of successfully training coaches, managing change projects, consulting Fortune 500 companies, and coaching C-suite executives through successful careers, MMS Worldwide Institute is a pioneer in the field of human development. Launched in America in 1974 by Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, then in 1988 in The Netherlands, and then in 2012 in Thailand.

MMS has demonstrated vision, professionalism, integrity, constancy, with a profound “wholistic” approach to executive development, that includes all functional people in any profession. With longevity, experience, and responsiveness, MMS has conducted global, multi-cultural facilitation, and professional development programs for leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, coaches, and all people who want to align who they are with what they do.

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