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Your Success Your Life

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Own Your Health Collective

We are Natalie and Lisa. We help women reach their peak in life and at work through holistic health and wellbeing. Fully accredited coaches, we use our complimentary passions around business, health and well-being, education, personal development and individual expertise to help women achieve their full life and career potential.

Natalie has specialist understanding and skills in mindset and behavioural coaching supported by lifestyle medicine through yoga and mindfulness. Lisa focuses on integrating key physical and mental health pillars to support healthy change for optimal wellbeing and energy.

We work with organisations by designing workplaces of the future that encompass the value and opportunity that comes from supporting women’s health from Menstrual Cycles to Menopause. This revolves around developing a whole health lifestyle plan around a women’s innate biology that affords them the opportunity to fully explore the advantages of the various life phases and how this transcends into their lives, careers and health.

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