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We represent people who have suffered serious physical injuries or wrongful death of a family member. The injuries must be caused by the negligence, or fault, of somebody. There must be a realistic source of recovering your damages in order for us to accept your case. This is usually in the form of liability insurance coverage, but could also be a large self insured company. We seek to recover all the money you are legally entitled to make a claim for. Most cases will get settled, some before filing a lawsuit and some during a lawsuit. If a case cannot get reasonably settled during the pre-lawsuit phase, a lawsuit can be filed if necessary if both the client and attorney agree on that course of action. During a lawsuit the court will order mediation before trial. If the case can not get settled during mediation, the case will be put on a trial docket and ultimately resolved before, during, or after trial. Throughout the entire process we can work together and set a reasonable settlement goal based on the unique facts of the case.

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