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Kris is my VA and she is brilliant. Everything I ask her to do is completed to the highest standard, in a timely and very efficient manner. I trust Kris with all aspects of my business. She very talented with website design, graphic design and turns my ideas into something way better than I could ever imagine. She is very professional and trustworthy. Kris is also very helpful and knowledgeable when I have technical queries. I highly recommend Kris Tormes.

Debbreh Oxby
Relationship Coach

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Debbrah Oxby

If you are feeling disconnected, bored or unhappy in your relationship, you are not alone. If you don’t want to see your family breakdown and know things can’t continue as they are, you are not alone.

I’m Debbrah Oxby and it is my mission to partner with couples to build authentic, happy, healthy, connected and thriving relationships.

I help couples to transform crisis and conflict into deep connection, where you both feel heard, understood and your needs are met.

My experience working with clients has shown me, time and again, that true success in life is rooted in the quality of connection we have in our relationships.

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